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Contemporary Istanbul

Paker participates in the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair - 2013, with Gallery LinArt. LinArt will feature some of Paker's latest works from the series 'Rhythm'.

November 7-10, 2013

​Venue: Lütfi Kırdar Harbiye


These works depict the rhythm of existence in natural elements as well as man-made architectural structures. These photographic collages create the illusion of being in motion. Some fade in time mimicking as if they disappear, although transforming to something else; some fragment, and some multiply with a constant energy. The rhythm of repetitions, patterns and grids in geometrical and organic forms lead the viewer to experience the nature of existence. How matter creates and recreates itself dependently and integrally, is what concerns Paker mainly.

By mounting perforated plexiglass pieces onto the plexi surfaces of the works, she adds the 3rd dimension, so that the works gain the real shadow and light effects. Embracing minimalist abstraction, Paker introduces some of the works in skewed edges to break the regularity of rectangular photographic representations. As a result, Paker develops a unique spiritual and playful language that transmits effectively to the viewer.

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