the Artist

From having been born so often I have salty experience like creatures of the sea with a passion for stars and an earthy destination.
And so I move without knowing to which world
I'll be returning or if I'll go on living.

-- P. Neruda

​B. 1968, Istanbul, Paker is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose artistic explorations are reflections of the human psyche. Through creating the transparency of shared associations, Paker chooses to surprise the viewer at first sight, and later invites him/her to her own personal space by opening up layers of information. The balance between material reality and the spiritual fiction is the most crucial part to her process.

Paker’s diverse international experiences are captured in the structural and socio-political aspects of her work. Being a contemporary artist from Turkey, and having been born and raised in a repressive culture, shaped highly around tradition and religion, she found shelter in artistic expression to emphasize absurdities. Condition of humanity, womanhood, childhood, universal interaction, relatedness, and existential rhythm are the most common elements reflected in her explorations. Creating a language between psychology, eastern and western philosophies, and spirituality, she aims to depict human's inner-self and its relation to the cosmic order.

Paker’s works meet at a plateau surrounded by mixed-media, spatial design, and interactive multimedia; thus creating a playground to explore and interact between these disciplines. By using several media together or individually, she provides herself a very flexible and free playground.

A graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with a BFA, she continued her studies in interior architecture at Parsons School of Art & Design, New York. Later she received her graduate degree, MFA in multimedia at Parsons' Design & Technology Department. Simultaneously, she has been a faculty member in Product and Communication Design departments. Having lived in New York City from 1992 to 2002, she concentrated on new media technologies, researched the changing face of multimedia usage in art, and developed interactive projects. After living mainly in Istanbul until 2016, she recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Besides the American Craft Museum, Istanbul Fine Arts Museum, Art Istanbul and Contemporary Istanbul Fairs, Beyaz Contemporary Art Auctions, Paker’s works are being featured at various art galleries and events, and are being included in corporate and private collections across the globe.