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Point Hotel   •   Esentepe   •   Istanbul


April 25 - June 6, 2013

In her solo-show ‘Rhythm’, Paker depicts the rhythm of existence in natural elements as well as man-made architectural structures. Adding the 3rd dimension to her works, these photographic collages create the illusion of being in motion. Some fade in time mimicking as if they disappear, although transforming to something else; and some multiply with a constant energy. Her video 'No Remains' is an extension of these ideas, thus re-creating the rhythm of transformation.

​In some of her works, she uses nature's elements to create stain-like forms; and in some others, details of man-made structures to build geometrical illusions. At first glance, it is not obvious what they are. Some reveal rhythmical fragmentations, and some rhythmical repetitions. Through these implications, Paker emphasizes that everything is the result of an ever-moving energy flow, creating and recreating themselves with a rhythm. 

The photograph that is partially blurred, 'Connection Lost' is the photo of an actual motorcycle painted in an unusual way. Taken in New York City, this bike has green banknotes painted and gold dollar signs sculpted on it. While taking the photo, Paker thought there is some disconnection between the material possession and exposing it excessively.


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