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In the State of Ecstasy .. solo exhibit 

Gallery LinArt, Istanbul

Dec 15, 2011 - Jan 9, 2012

Ozlem Paker continues to claim the identity of woman with her new exhibition. Dreaming of a world where the body, mind and soul as whole belongs solely to its owner, she rejects being owned, manipulated, labeled by others, and being used as a material for politics. Consisting of an interactive video and digital collages, the works in this exhibit blend performance, photography, video, digital collage, acrylic paint and written word.

Being inspired by a poem 'Phenomenal Woman' by Maya Angelou, acclaimed African-American poet, Paker bases her subject around feminine energy and women's struggle to co-exist. The poem, handwritten in gold on a large scale rollpaper, hangs on the hallway wall. In the back and dark room, the interactive video 'iNTo' is installed and includes a projection to the wall, and a pedestal in the middle of the room, with a mouse on it to navigate the piece. Paker created this work in 2000 while living in New York. The project consisted of performances of 3 women (one was herself), filming and computer programming to enable the user-interaction. 'iNTo' meaning a journey into inner self, intends to present segments of emotional space and invites the viewer to explore and contemplate.

Other works in the exhibition are driven from the stills of the video: digital collages transferred onto canvas, acrylic, written word, and C-prints. 

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