Parsons School of Art & Design, New School University, New York
MFA in Design & Technology, with a multimedia concentration  1999 - 2001


Parsons School of Art & Design, New School University, New York

AAS in Interior Architecture 1993 - 95

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul
BFA, Ceramics Department  1988 - 92


Bosphorus University, Istanbul
History Department – English Prep. year, 1987 - 88

Member of Blue Ensemble Rock & Jazz Choir of Bosphorus Univ. 1987-92

Istanbul Highschool, 1979 - 87
Middle- & Highschool in German / Deutsche Abteilung

Honors & Awards

Dean's Scholarship, Parsons School of Design, NYC, 1999-2001
Visiting Artist, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1992-93
Young Artist Award, award being a one-month research trip to Italy, 2. Golden Jug Competition organized by 
Izmir Art Museum and Izmir Rotary Club, Izmir, Turkey

​Solo Exhibitions

2015  'Perpetual Voyage', Turker Art Gallery, Istanbul

2013  'Rhythm', Art Inside Piola, Point Hotel, Istanbul  ... read more

2011  'In the State of Ecstasy', Gallery LinArt, Istanbul  ... read more
2006  'My Poses Are Permanent', Gallery A, Istanbul
2003  'On the Move', Port Art Gallery, Göcek, Turkey
2000  'From Violation to Fragmentation', Gallery X, New York
1994  'Untitled', Hoboken Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey
1993  'Mobil-ness', Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Michigan

Group Exhibitions

Istanbul & Gocek years

2015  'The Nominative Case', Casa dell’Arte Galleries, Bodrum 

2014   Contemporary Istanbul, International Art Fair, with Gallery MCRD, Istanbul

2014  'Art Attack II', Turker Art Gallery, Tesvikiye, Istanbul 

2014  'Close Up', by, Casa dell’Arte Galleries, Bodrum 

2014  'Reflex', Gallery MCRD, Tophane, Istanbul

2014  Online exhibition,

2014  ‘8 March 8 Women’, Maltepe University Fine Arts Faculty Gallery, Istanbul

2013   Contemporary Istanbul, International Art Fair, with Gallery LinArt, Istanbul

2013  'SMART Cities & HYBRID Identities', Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista, Venice

2011  'Istanbul Summer Exhibition', Antrepo 5 art port, organized by Beyaz Art

           and TimeOut-Istanbul  ... read more

2009  'Prisms of Creativity', Antik Cisterna Galleries, Istanbul 
2008  'Passes', Gallery Kent, Istanbul
2008  'ALI's Premier Show', Java Studio Gallery
2007  'Usual Suspects', Gallery A, Istanbul
2006   Contemporary Istanbul, with Gallery A, International Art Fair, Istanbul
2006  'Summer 2006', Gallery A, Istanbul
2005  ArtIstanbul, with Art*8 Gallery, International Art Fair,  Istanbul
2005  'TR-anslated Worlds', Abney Hall, London
2004  ArtIstanbul, with Port Art Gallery, International Art Expo, Istanbul
2004  'Personal Traces', by Vitra, Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul
2003  ‘No emphaty’, Gallery X, Tünel, Istanbul
2003  Video Festival, Gallery X, Tünel, Istanbul
2003  Established Port Art Gallery, Göcek, Turkey
2003  ‘No To War’ collective, Galeri X, Tünel - Istanbul
2002  ‘5 years of Gallery X’, Galeri X, Istanbul

New York years

2002  ‘X-treme X-teriors’... The Church of All Saints, Harlem-New York

2002  'Contemporary European Art: Art from the Balkan Countries' , Thessaloniki, Greece
2001  'Re: Duchamp' Traveling Exhibit, organized by NY Arts Magazine, Europe and Venice Biennale
2001  ‘I/O’ multimedia show, Parsons Galleries, New York
2001  Video Festival, Gallery X, New York
2001  Four-person Show, ARamona Gallery, New York
2000  'Corridor', Asia Minor Gallery, New York
2000  ‘Path to Wisdom’, interactive 3-D journey,
2000  'Y2CLAY' Gallery X, New York
1999  ‘X-treme X-teriors’, Marcus Garvey Park, New York
1999  ‘Mayfest 99’, Dallas, Texas
1999  ‘Audio-Video Show’, Gallery X, Harlem, New York
1999  ‘Women’s History Month’, Parsons School of Design, New York
1998  ‘The Art of Change’, The Times Square Lobby Gallery, New York
1998  ‘X-treme X-teriors’, Marcus Garvey Park, New York
1998  ‘Unrelated’, Gallery X, Harlem, New York
1996  American Craft Museum, New York
1995  ‘Three Individual Shows of Tea Celebration’ , Salon.Cafe.Tea Emporium, SoHo, New York
1992  ‘
2nd Golden Jug Contest’, by Izmir Rotary Club and Izmir Art Museum, Izmir